Rodriquens & Co, originally Carrozzeria Rodriquens, was founded in 1980 by Domenico Rodriquens, who deeply believed, since the beginning, in the high technology applied to the work craft, engine of great importance in our economy. Over the years Rodriquens  had been gradually growing,  achieving leading  levels and complete customer confidence. The company is located on an area of ​​2400 square meters, 1100 of which are covered, where there are located the bodywork features of the various processing areas, such as the assembly / disassembly, machining plumbing and processing for the coating, machining, further having the space necessary for the stationary car.

Everything is composed of nine bridges, a template bridge, two ovens for painting, a loft used for storage, to facilitate either internal employees or customers. Rodriquens staff is composed consists of nine specialists, who, with specific tasks, operate with advanced equipment and maximum safety. This working group has become , over the years, more and more tight -knit and harmonized, essential not only for the quality of services, but also for the very life of the company, thus increasing the sense of duty of the individuals, the sense of responsibility for vital an excellent coordination. Rodriquens has become authorized bodywork company in 2001 by Fiat with decades of experience in bodywork Alfa Romeo behind.

Rodriquens has also able sign agreements with various car rental and full leasing companies such as Arval, Hertz, Eurocar, Targasys, without mentioning other agreements with various insurance companies.